Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of Other Spaces on view through September 14

Of Other Spaces


Judy Cuker
Jeanne Jalandoni
Alyssa Steiger

(from left to right)
"Sunset, Home" Alyssa Steiger 
"Part 1" Judy Cuker 
"Catch What You Can (Fish Waterfall)" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Part 2" Judy Cuker

(from left to right)
"Untitled" Alyssa Steiger
"Collide" Alyssa Steiger
"Outside My Window" Jeanne Jaladoni
"After Robert Mangold" Judy Cuker
"African Textile" Judy Cuker
"Desert" Judy Cuker
"Fractured" Alyssa Steiger
"Self-Portrait" Jeanne Jaladoni

(From left to right)
"Untitled (Day/Night)" Alyssa Steiger
"Cloud Contour (Montreal to NYC)" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Division" Alyssa Steiger
"Intertwine" Alyssa Steiger
"Rose-Colored Fingers" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Layer" Judy Cuker
"Clouds" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Color Theory Study" Alyssa Steiger

(from left to right)
"Intimacy" Judy Cuker
"Fair and Brutal" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Split" Judy Cuker
"Chupa Chups" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Part 3" Judy Cuker
"Discontinuity" Alyssa Steiger
"Misalignment" Alyssa Steiger
"My Peaches (Self-Portrait)" Jeanne Jaladoni
"Electricity, Resistance" Alyssa Steiger

Alyssa Steiger

Jeanne Jaladoni

"African Textile" 
Judy Cuker

Jeanne Jaladoni

"Untitled (Day/Night)" 
Alyssa Steiger

Friday, May 9, 2014

Counter Current on view through May 11

Counter Current
Michael Diaz
Emily Scibilia



Friday, May 2, 2014

On the Half Shell on view through May 2

On the Half Shell

Caleigh Birrell

Video installation, mirrors
Sound by Stoyan Alexsandrov

Friday, April 25, 2014

Never Too Soon (Rosenberg Gifts) on sale through April 27

Kate Weigel
Molly Lambe
Sawyer Mitchell
Mary Anderson
Morgan Thomas
Julie Stopper
Kathryn Kendall

Thursday, April 17, 2014

ENTRE-DEUX on view through APR 20th


Masha Afonina
Ale Aguirre
Chelsea Birns
Courtney Surmanek
Elizabeth Tamkin