Thursday, March 29, 2012

Switch hook and tone dialer

A BFA Thesis Exhibition
Featuring: Tyler Considine, Elizabeth Eisenstein, Emily Fitzpatrick, Liz Janoff, Rachel Maynes, Olivia Murphy, Cary Potter, Andrew Raines, Libby Rothfeld, and James Schwartz
Jimmy Schwartz, Daisy

Cary Potter, The Farm (3 of 3), graphite on paper

Jimmy Schwartz, Jimmy's Ruler

Olivia Murphy, Square Inches of Lino, graphite on paper

Lizzie Eisenstein, Shenandoah National Park (Landscape Series); Panamint Springs (Landscape Series); Salton Sea (Landscape Series), C-Print

Libby Rothfeld, Untitled

Emily Fitzpatrick, Untitled (For Delia), graphite on charcoal paper

Emily Fitzpatrick, Untitled, oil, goauche, pencil, crayon on linen

Emily Fitzpartick, Grey, Amber, brass, soap, yarn, chicken bone, oyster shells, lava bean, rock

Libby Rothfeld, Malcolm, plaster, fired clay

Jimmy Schwartz, Parking Lot II

Tyler Considine, Portrait I, framed inkjet print

Libby Rothfeld, Panasonic

Jimmy Schwartz, Parking Lot

Tyler Considine, Portrait II, Inkjet print, spray paint and graphite

Rachel Maynes, Barracks, 1944

Rachel Maynes, Test, 1942

Jimmy Schwartz, Mahogany Box

Lizzie Eisenstein, Top: Unknown Trail (Landscape Series);
bottom: Pasadena Nature Park (Landscape Series)

Tyler Considine, Brussels, 19:08, Inkjet print on cotton rag

Andrew Raines, Untitled

Friday, March 23, 2012

First Year MFA Show

On view 3/7 through 3/17
Sarah Feehily, David Flaugher, Davey Hawkins, Michelle Young Lee, Sam McKinniss, Davida Newman, Lee Perillo, Lily Stockman, and James Woodward