Friday, April 16, 2010

R S NB RG 4/07-4/18

New York/ NY/ March 27/ 2010 – We are pleased to present R S NB RG, a group exhibition bringing together four New York–based artists whose works utilize divergent conceptual approaches to question the fundamental roots of the contemporary architectural space. Working in a true collaborative form, these four artists create a multi‐media experience to extract, highlight and integrate the many spatial and visual facets of an ordinary room.

Adapting a mixture of sculpture, sound, light, painting and performance, these artists explore and re‐imagine aspects of the Rosenberg Gallery. By manipulating the space, this installation challenges the viewer to (re)experience a contemporary art gallery in a fractured yet still familiar setting.

James Donovan, Major: BFA Studio Art, 2010
Boyang Hou, Major: BFA Studio Art, 2010
Bonnie Loughner, Major: BFA Studio Art, 2010
Zachary Velazquez, Major: BFA Studio Art, 2010